Recovery Boots – Model Upgrade with Pants (Full-length pants w/ 6 chambers)

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Unit comprising Model Upgrade (6 chambers) and Pants (full-length pants)

The ultimate tool for treatment centres and clinics, renders changes between Boots and Hipster superfluous – here both functions are combined in one pair of pants.

Wearing the Pants gives a very firm and intense sensation. One further effect is that many people tend to fall asleep during use, and their subsequent sleep pattern will be better and longer than usual. This is owing to the effect of the parasympathetic nervous system together with the compression/weight also known from ball blankets.

Why Pants instead of the ordinary boots?

  • If you have undergone surgery removing lymph nodes from abdomen/stomach/groin and thus experience fluid build-up in your abdomen.
  • If you are challenged in respect of pelvis/SI-joints/hips.
  • For the purpose of performing pain therapy within a larger area than just your legs.
  • If you run a clinic and wish to offer your clients professional holistic therapy.
  • If you use boots for liquid removal and skin revitalisation.
  • Pants will provide identical beneficial and visual effects but will also include stomach and buttocks.

ONE-SIZE: Fits heights between 160 and 183 cm. Sizes 36-42 (women). Sizes 48-54 (men) (Jeans 28-36)

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Model Upgrade with 6 chambers and Pants.

Programme A: (MASSAGE) exerts pressure from the foot towards the heart, alternating chambers.

Programme B: (LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE) stimulates flow through pressure from the foot towards the heart, retains pressure until the entire leg chamber has been inflated.

Programme C: (DOUBLE MASSAGE) exerting pressure from the foot to the heart, two chambers at a time.

Programme D: (FULL SQUEEZE) provides complete simultaneous pressure exerted by all chambers that are slowly inflated (similar to occlusion).

Programme E: (COMBINATION PROGRAMME) alternating between inflating the boots for a round of lymphatic drainage and a round of massage, respectively.

Programme F: (COMBINATION PROGRAMME) the inflation of the boots alternates between 3 different massage programmes.

Individual adjustment of the device’s 6 chambers, electronic countdown display, and remote control.

If you need wedges for your Pants, you will obtain an additional 2 x 10 cm in waist measurement. Find your wedges here: