Loin Belt with 8 chambers – suitable for Model Ultimate and Supreme

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The loin belt is adjustable in circumference (one size). The height is 37 cm and 120cm wide. It has 8 chambers and is suitable for Model Ultimate and Supreme.

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Once you have learned to use the belt, it is a tremendous hit.
With 37 cm in height, the belt covers both the back and the upper part of the buttocks. Only the few will require treatment of the entire area that is covered by the belt. If, for instance, you have experienced pelvic support problems or an excessively tensioned Gluteus Maximus (the large muscle of the buttock), you pull the loin belt down over hips and buttocks which will provide a firm and relaxing pressure.

Or, like so many others, you may feel tired and sore around the small of your back. If this is the case, you should fold the belt, as illustrated in the picture – or you can simply push it together while it is being inflated. This way, you obtain double pressure precisely where it will be beneficial. Sit down in your sofa with a pillow behind your back during the procedure.

If you would like a little extra width for your loin belt, it may be advantageous to supply it with a wedge. This provides an additional 30 cm in circumference. Find it here: Wedges

Treatment with Loin: (recommendation)

To be used over a top or t-shirt.

The loin belt exerts a wonderful massaging effect on the back. Alternatively it can be pulled down to be used on the buttocks. If you would like pressure on the small of the back, it will be an advantage to disconnect the chambers from which no pressure is desired. You can also fold/push the loin belt together, which will centre the pressure. The loin can be used while sitting upright or lying flat on your back – as convenient.

Treatment time: 10 – 30 minutes 1 – 2 times daily.

Treatment pressure: 30 – 240 mmHg.

Whether you wish treatment of specific areas or complete pressure is an individual matter. You can proceed by trial and error. Typical choices will be programme A, B or D.