First and foremost, we are pleased and grateful that so many have chosen to use the Danish manufactured, YourBoots, to promote recovery or to optimise the body’s circulation. Fortunately, there are many more than can be mentioned here. On TrustPilot and FaceBook, you can find all the pleasant reviews contributed by our users.

We also collaborate with professional athletes and clubs – this contributes to make us wiser with respect to the development of our equipment.

Articles on Recovery Boots:



Use them at my day centre, means the world to me and my sore and tired legs. Can only be recommended.🤗

– Lise Østergaard


In spite of my 36 years, my hormones are going wild, as were I a teenager. My doctor suspects PCO, but – since I’m not involuntary childless – he will not diagnose me and thus initiating treatment. When my hormones wreak havoc, I can retain up to 3.5 kg fluid which is mainly located around my loin and in the legs. This has caused much inconvenience and, often, kept me awake at night if I have not taken ibuprofen. Now, I just have to take on my boots and keep them on for about 30-60 minutes – depending on the severity of the fluid build-up. 🙏🏻 And, all things being equal, it’s greater fun to lie on the sofa and watch Netflix while having one’s legs done – as compared with eating painkillers several times every month. Thank you, thank you, thank you for an amazing product!!!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

– Stine Godtkjær


What a great feeling to get the boots going. Super service. Quick responses in connection with questions. My Wednesday order was delivered Thursday. I warmly  recommend YourBoots.

– Martin Kjær


Really speedy, super service and delivery. Fantastic user manual and service. And not least – the most efficient products I’ve ever tried. I’m still quite high on the experience and warmly recommend YourBoots.

– Pia Meyhoff



Superb massage & lymphatic drainage. I clearly feel my legs to be more vigorous and energetic after a round with “the boots”.

– Thomas B Jensen


A business that truly provides customer service. You quickly perceive that there is “a person” behind. Speedy contact and always prepared to answer any question. Can definitely recommend YourBoots to others 🙂

– Franciska Vesterholm


I can warmly recommend YourBoots!
As I suffer from constant pain in my legs owing to
Fibromyalgia, I thought I’d better give them a try. And, since buying them, I have used them on a daily basis and now have an entirely different quality of life. Now, I only seldom experience leg pain and, at the same time, my legs no longer feel as “stiff” and fluid-filled as before.
A few family members likewise joined the club and have bought themselves a pair, because they really do good! 

In addition to a fantastic product, the customer service is marvellous! Very helpful, immediately solves problems the moment they occur🙏

– Nathalie Sørup Knutson