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A pair consists of 2 sleeves, each with 2 air chambers, with a rechargeable control unit attached to the sleeve and a charging unit with 2 outlets.

The sleeves are applied for the purpose of substituting or supplementing compression/support stockings.

Should always be worn during flights and drives of longer duration to prevent blood clots as well as liquid-filled swelling in the lower extremities (lower legs).

Likewise, the sleeves are extremely useful for wheelchair users, bedridden patients, and similar states of limited movability.

TRAVEL is delivered in a YourBoots fabric bag. Battery time 6 – 8 hours.

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TRAVEL YourBoots sleeves:

  • Continuous pulsation at a pressure from 0-90 mmHg. Thus, there will never be a constant compression pressure for stretches of extended periods. On the contrary, there will be a comfortable pulsation that imitates the body’s own rhythmical pumping movements.
  • Can be applied under your garments, with and without stockings, and should be applied for all sedentary situations.
  • Equipped with 2 air chambers and a small rechargeable control unit attached to secure lower-leg circulation for about 4-6 hours before requiring recharging.
  • 1 programme. If you are already familiar with our YourBoots products, you will recognise this as Programme B.


  • Chamber 1 is inflated to a pressure of 90 mmHg, maintaining this pressure while chamber 2 is inflated to the same pressure. Next, both chambers will be deflated, whereupon inflation will recommence shortly afterwards. The sleeves are activated by keeping the start button pressed down for 3 seconds, and they are deactivated the same way. Hence, they are highly beneficial for weak and arthritic hands.


The TRAVEL YOURBOOTS sleeves increase blood circulation and perform gentle lymphatic drainage.

During flights, TRAVEL are to be transported as hand luggage, preferably in the supplied fabric bag. Weight in total: 780 g.


Size of device: 140 x 70 x 250 mm.

Seize of sleeve: 286 x 592 mm.

Weight: (One sleeve with battery unit): 390 g.

Voltage: 3.3 V~4.2 V

Chambers: 2 air chambers in each sleeve

Pressure: 0~90 mmHg

Lithium-ion Battery: (One battery) 3.7 V/ 3000 mAh/ 11.1 Wh