Recovery Boots – Model Supreme with Pants (Full-length pants w/ 8 chambers)

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Pair with Model Supreme (8 chambers) and Pants (complete pants)

The ultimate tool for therapeutic centres and clinics, preventing the necessity of changing between Boots and Hipster – here both functions are comprised in one pair of pants.

Pants provides a very firm and intense sensation. A positive side effect of this product is that many will fall asleep during use and, also, they will later experience a far better sleep pattern than usual. This is owing to the impact on the parasympathetic nervous system as well as the compression/weight effect – also known from weighted blankets.

Why use Pants instead of the ordinary Boots?

  • If you have experienced the removal of lymph nodes in abdomen/stomach/groin and, hence, the entailing accumulation of abdominal fluid
  • If you are challenged with respect to pelvis/SL joints/hips
  • If you wish to perform pain-management of an area larger than just the legs
  • If you are in charge of a clinic and desire to provide your clients with a professional holistic therapy
  • If you use your Boots for the removal of fluid and for the revitalisation of your skin. Pants will provide an identical beneficial and visual effect, while also including stomach as well as buttocks.

ONE-SIZE: Fits heights between 160 and 183 cm. Women size 36-42. Men size 48-54 (Jeans 28-36)

Model Supreme is our latest addition and the most outstanding product available within the field of Recovery Boots. It is a super delicious and lightweight machine, capable of providing a pressure that gives you the sensation of being treated by a massage therapist. The Supreme is equipped with a rechargeable battery. Can be used with the cable connected while charging (we advise against constant use with connected cable, as this will be detrimental to battery lifetime). The Supreme does not take up much space, weighs just about 1 kilo and can be brought everywhere – and, also, it REALLY is the epitome of power, and then some! Here, you get 8 chambers for distributing the pressure. This provides optimal muscle and lymph drainage therapy. We have developed new programmes for Supreme, thus enabling you to choose between different degrees of drainage, naturally also supplemented by the pulsating programme featured by Model Portable. Recommended for clinics, rehabilitation centres and for athletes who need a bit more, and who are always on the move.

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A: Massage Programme:

Chamber 1 is inflated to the set pressure, retains the air for a moment, and is then deflated. Chamber 2 will repeat chamber 1, and this process continues until chamber 8. After this there will be a brief interval and then the inflation process will be repeated.

B: Powerful Lymph Drainage Programme:

This program achieves a powerful drainage which maintains pressure from the foot and upwards until deflation. Chamber 1 is inflated to the set pressure. Pressure is retained; chamber 2 is inflated to the set pressure, retaining pressure. This process is repeated till all 8 chambers are inflated. Finally all chambers are simultaneously deflated, and next inflation will be repeated.

C: Compression Programme:

Chambers 1 – 8 are simultaneously inflated to the set pressure, and then simultaneously deflated. The programme is resumed after a brief interval.

D: Moderate Lymph Drainage Programme: – with 2 chambers at a time:

This programme is the most ”gentle” drainage programme, quite similar to manual drainage. Chamber 1 is inflated, retaining pressure; chamber 2 is inflated, retaining pressure. While chamber 1 is deflated, chamber 3 will be inflated. Thus, this 2-chamber process will be repeated till chamber 8 – the pressure is therefore less intense, and the foot will remain free.

E: Moderate Lymph Drainage Programme: – with 3 chambers at a time:

As compared with programme D, this programme is firmer, albeit less intense than programme B, and the foot will remain free half the time. Chamber 1 is inflated, retaining pressure. Next chambers 2 and 3 are inflated and pressure retained. The pressure of chamber 1 is released while chamber 4 is inflated. Thus, this 3-chamber process will be repeated till chamber 8.

F: Drainage/Pulsating Programme: Chamber 1 is inflated to the set pressure, 4 pulsations while retaining pressure. Next Chamber 2 is inflated, pulsation while retaining the pressure of chamber 1. Chamber 3 is inflated, pulsating while pressure in both 1 and 2 is retained. Next the pressure of chamber 1 is released while chamber 4 is inflated. This way, there will always be 3 inflated chambers at a time – right up to chamber 8, whereupon the process is repeated.