Hipster – 8 chambers. Suitable for Model Ultimate


We can now launch our new HIPSTER. 8 chambers of wellbeing – before or after workout.

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8-chamber pants that will take loving care of hip flexion, buttocks, quads, and – partially – hamstrings. This is a tool that, to a high extent, is equally suited for before as after workout. Our HIPSTER will improve hip flexibility, prepare you for a squat day, and limber up your body after a training session.

Please note that even if you use your HIPSTER with the same pressure setting as you know from your Boots, it will be a different sensation. This is because, as compared with your legs, your bone structure and muscular system are larger within this area and, hence, will absorb part of the pressure. Naturally, you will nonetheless benefit from the necessary circulation which will remedy tight sinews and ligaments as well as create the good flow to establish preventive measures with respect to injuries.

The Hipster is linked up with your device instead of your Boots and is used as a supplement to you daily recovery.

If you would additional width in your Hipster, you should select wedges for zipping onto one or both sides of the Hipster. This will provide an additional 2 x 10 cm = 20 cm in circumference. Find your wedges here: Wedges