COOL Sleeve 30cm – 1 sleeve

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COOL❄️ YourBoots Knee/Thigh 30 cm Soft, superb, ice-cold compression 360 degrees round your thigh, knee, ankle, elbow, or wherever you may need it. Our COOLER❄️ consists of the finest gel (40% water), wrapped in exquisite neoprene. You simply wear it directly on your skin, and you can actually wear it during workout, as – even though coming directly from the freezer – it will follow the movements of your body.

L:           Fits most knees. (Width of knee/thigh at their widest: 40–55cm)

XL:       Fits knees/thighs (Width of knee/thigh at their widest: 50–65cm)

Length: 30 cm.


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Weight: Size: L 950g – Size: XL 1000g

Always store your COOLER* in the supplied plastic bag.