COOL Full-Length Leg (Pair)

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COOL❄️ YourBoots Full Length Leg. Soft, superb, ice-cold compression 360 degrees round your legs. Our COOLERS❄️ consists of the most superb gel (40% water) wrapped in exquisite neoprene. You simply wear it directly on your skin and are even capable of wearing it during workout because, even though coming directly from the freezer, it will follow the movements of your body


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If you go for an ice-bath effect, our FULL-LENGTH sleeves will be the solution for you (only available in pairs). Remove the sleeves from the freezer and wear them directly on both legs. You then pull your YourBoots over the sleeves and set the device to 2-5 minutes at program D – your legs will then be cooled down to a surface temperature of 12 degrees Celsius, similar to ice-bath temperature (can also be applied without compression from the Boots).

Size1:    Length of inside seam up to 90cm and thigh width up to 60cm.

Size2:    Length of inside seam above 90cm and thigh width up to 70cm.

Length: Size 1: 80cm. – Size 2: 90cm.

Weight: Size 1: 1796g each – Size 2: 1898g each.

Always store your COOLER* in the supplied plastic bag