About YourBoots ApS

YourBoots ApS is a Danish company founded by sports therapists educated within the use of Recovery Boots. Our customers are sports clubs, therapists, and private persons.

We are so much more than just a Webshop, and you will often come across us at weekend races, competitions, and sports events where we are in charge of recovery and the treatment of injuries.

We have showrooms in the Danish towns of Farum and Fredericia, where – by appointment – you can experience and buy all our models. Are you interested in having a fitting of or more of our models, together with a detailed and competent introduction to such boots as will best suit your requirements? Then you should make an online booking of an appointment.

YourBoots are developed for purposes of recovery and muscle therapy targeted at athletes and physically active people

Your recovery period will be significantly reduced by increased blood circulation – ensuring optimised oxygen supply for the muscular system – together with lymphatic drainage which will optimise the discharge of waste substances.

Attention is drawn to the fact that the YourBoots solution is NOT medical equipment. It is, rather, a product that is developed for the purposes of the recovery of perfectly healthy people. If you suffer from critical illness, you should seek medical advice prior to use. The following instructions are basically targeted on healthy peoples’ application of the products. Hence, YourBoots ApS does not give advice related to the treatment of medical conditions.

  • The devices have been developed pursuant to the principle applied at hospitals, where the system is labelled FlowTron.
  • All models carry the CE and RoHS marks and are approved for application by laymen, i.e. no technical skills or professional background are required. The devices are not medical equipment but manufactured for the purpose of use at home.
  • Model Pro, Pro+, Upgrade and Ultimate are equipped with a pressure sensor whereas Model Basic features a pressure-regulation unit that facilitates individual setting of boot pressure.
  • It is a perfectly safe treatment where you can do nothing wrong. If you are pregnant, you should not apply a pressure above 100mmHg. If you suffer from serious disease, you should seek advice from your doctor prior to application.
  • Recommended period of use is 30-90 minutes at a time (as required).

Air compression or vacuum therapy has been developed for the treatment of e.g. lymphedema, stroke and hemiparesis in hospitals. Like so much else, the world of sports embraced technology, in the struggle to achieve better recovery.

Today, athletes know that sleep, proper diet and vitamin intake are the way to the best recovery, but it is far from always easy to achieve optimal recovery. The time is barely before the next workout and here YourBoots (Recovery Boots) come into the picture. YourBoots increase blood flow to the muscles, as well as ensure the lymph’s ability to move freely. Our lymph fluid is transported around the body by means of our breathing, as well as the movement of the muscles.

Today it is known that it is crucial for an optimal recovery that the lymph has free flow and is cleansed in the lymph nodes. The lymph nodes remove waste products from the cells as well as bacteria and viruses. The lymph fluid also absorbs fat and protein from the small intestine after we have eaten. Once the lymph is cleansed in the lymph nodes, it has reflux in the two large veins at the neck. So the two things combined – increased blood flow and lymphatic drainage, lowers your recovery time. You get lighter legs, or as the cyclists say “diamonds in the legs”

In addition, the system has an effect on e.g. following:

  • Increases blood flow to the muscles
  • Increases the firmness of the skin
  • Unrest in the legs
  • Counteracts swollen and sore muscles
  • Remedy cold feet
  • Relieves muscle tensionRelieves tired legs
  • Shortens the recovery time